Micro-brewery for production 200-280 liters of beer per day

The productivity of the equipment is indicated under the condition of top and bottom fermentation equal to 15 and 22 days, respectively.

Brewery Performance Parameters:

total fermentation volume:4200 l.
number of brews per month with bottom fermentation:20
number of brews per month with top fermentation:28
productivity per month with bottom fermentation:6000 l.
productivity per month with top fermentation:8400 l.

Brewery composition:

Basic equipment:
Unit Code Q-ty Price
Roller mill: RM-150 1 pc. 990 €
Brewhouse: BH-300 1 pc. 11100 €
CCT (for 600 liters of useful volume): CCT-600 7 pc. 25900 €
Plate heatexchanger: HE-300 1 pc. 1110 €
CIP-station: CIP60(2)К 1 pc. 3070 €
Beer glycol chiller: CH-6 1 pc. 5610 €
Cost of basic equipment: 47780 €
Optional equipment:
Unit Code Q-ty Price
Hot water tank: HWT-600 1 pc. 3250 €
Cold water tank: CWT-600 1 pc. 3700 €
The cost of optional equipment: 6950 €
The cost of a complete set: 54730 €
Any equipment may be changed at the request of the client!

Open commercial offer for breweries equipment - productivity from 6000 to 8400 liters of beer per month

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