Cost Calculator for 1 liter of beer

Below we offer a calculator for calculating the cost of 1 liter of beer by raw material, that is, not taking into account personnel, taxes, rent and licenses.

You can substitute the values you need in the "quantity" column and in the "price" field of the price of your region for the corresponding ingredients in your national currency.

By default, the averaged values of the number of ingredients for obtaining more than 1000 liters of beer and the average prices in UAH for the recipe ingredients are set.

Indicate in the calculation form the quantity and cost of the ingredients of the beer wort in your currency.
ATTENTION! Use only the "." (point symbol) as a separator in the price field.
Ingredient Q-ty Price for: Cost
Prepared water l. for 1 l.
Electricity kWt for 1 kWt
Brewing malt kg. for 1 kg
Granulated hops kg. for 1 kg.
Brewery Yeast kg. for 1 kg
Total cost of ingredients (in your currency):
Volume of produced beer (+/-5%):
The cost of one liter of beer (in your currency)