About company

The Brovarni company produces equipment for breweries of high reliability at an affordable price. We produce brewing equipment in Ukraine and deliver to all countries of the world. 

We began our activities in 2011 with the production of simple and cheap microbreweries for home brewers. We constantly improved our designs and developed our own mash-wort kettle heating system without using a steam generator or direct heating, which makes our equipment simple and reliable in operation, and the price is more affordable than other manufacturers.

Today, in addition to Ukraine, our breweries are installed in countries such as Romania, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus, the Philippines and Nicaragua.

Our main advantage is the best value for money. In addition, we are ready to make the equipment as our own standard design, and according to the customer's specifications.

On our site you will find always current prices for breweries. The appearance, aesthetics and quality of the components and parts produced by our breweries can be assessed in the photo gallery. Our equipment has a quality certificate of European standard (CE).

Information about brewing equipment on our website is presented in two sections:
1. Catalog of brewery equipment sets by volume of beer per day
2. Description of each unit from the mini brewery equipment set separately

We wish you a pleasant reading and as a result, an even more pleasant purchase!