Lagering tank at 1000 liters

Units price: 6200 € articul: LT-1000
working volume: 1000 l.
full volume: 1200 l.
width: 1122 mm
depth: 1275 mm
height: 2530 mm
diameter: 1122 mm
weight (empty): 310 kg

Among brewers and equipment manufacturers, containers for fermentation, maturation, clarification and storage of beer are called differently, depending on the purpose of the container. Our lagering tank is a container with a spherical bottom, with a cooling jacket over the entire cylindrical part and insulation over the entire area of ​​the tank. The lagering tank can be with top or side viewing hatch.

The lagering tank is designed for a inner pressure of up to 2 atm. and is used for maturation and storing beer under pressure. The pressure is regulated by the fermentation bung.

Lagering tank equipment:

Additionally, a camp tank may have:

Internal containers, cooling shirts, cover, legs, taps and other stop valves are made of high quality food grade stainless steel. The seams inside the tank are polished to a sufficient degree; the surface of the metal is mirror polished. The inspection hatch seal is made of food grade silicone.

Other models of units: