Bright beer tank at 2000 liters

Units price: 9480 € articul: BBT-2000
working volume: 2000 l.
full volume: 2400 l.
width: 1250 mm
depth: 2950 mm
height: 1630/3270 mm
diameter: 1250 mm
weight (empty): 350 kg

Among brewers and equipment manufacturers, containers for fermentation, maturation, clarification and storage of beer are called differently, depending on the purpose of the container. Our Bright Beer Tank is intended for receiving and storing matured beer after filtration before bottling or for natural clarification of matured unfiltered beer.

Bright Beer Tank has a cooling jacket over the entire cylindrical part. The tank is insulated with polyurethane foam with a thickness of 8-10 cm. The outer casing is made of food grade stainless steel.

Bright Beer Tank has the following equipment:

Bright Beer Tank is designed for internal pressure up to 2 atm. Internal pressure is regulated by the fermentation bung.

Internal containers, cooling shirts, cover, legs, taps and other stop valves are made of high quality food grade stainless steel . The seams inside the tank are polished to a sufficient degree; the surface of the metal is mirror polished. The inspection hatch seal is made of food grade silicone.

Washing of the tank takes place in a closed automatic mode through rotary washing balls using a fixed or mobile sip station.

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