Mini breweries Remote Control

We assemble all control electronics from high-quality, reliable and easily replaceable components. All control panels are made of stainless steel in the style of all equipment. Interfaces of panels are simple and clear with protection against critical errors of the operator.

In the basic configuration, the mashing process is controlled in a semi-automatic mode. The operator sets the temperature of the mash at the thermal controller and the automatic equipment heats the mash to the desired temperature. After reaching the desired temperature automatic switches off the heating. Possible additional installation of a sound or light alarm to achieve the set temperature.

Depending on the configuration of the brewhouse, the control panel can perform the following functions:

  • total switch on;
  • emergency shutdown of all brewing equipment;
  • turning on the heating of the mash-kettle;
  • set the mash temperature;
  • setting the temperature of the heat carrier in the heating jacket of the mash-kettle;
  • the mash-kettle mixer turn on/off;
  • mixer speed adjustment;
  • mash pump turning on;
  • adjusting the speed of the mash-wort pump;
  • turn on/off raker in lauters tun;
  • adjusting the speed of the raker in lauters tun (optional);
  • turning on the whirlpool pump;
  • whirlpool pump speed adjustment;
  • switching on the internal illumination of the kettle, tun and whirlpool;
  • turm on of heating water in the hot water tank;
  • signaling device for underfilling and overflow of hot water tank;
  • setting the temperature of the cold water tank.

It is possible to execute the mashing process in the automatic mode with the programming of temperature pauses. It is possible to execute the entire control process via the touchpad.

Brewhouse remote control:
Brewhouse remote control

Assembling the brewhouse control panel:
Assembling the brewhouse control panel

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