Beer Glycol Chiller for Fermentation Tanks Cooling CH-6

Units price: 5610 € articul: CH-6
Cooled fermentation volumetill 6000 l.
Cold power7,1 kWt
Power consumption3 kWt
Coolant tank capacity200 l.
Outdoor unit weight56 kg
Indoor unit weight (empty)150 kg
Dimensions of the internal unit W×D×H1310×700×1200mm
Dimensions of the outdoor unit W×D×H930×370×700mm
Power supply220-240 V 50 HZ

The refrigeration station is designed for cooling beer in fermentation tanks and water in a cold water tank.

The unit is made on the basis of high-quality condensing system. Consists of two blocks: external and internal.

The station body is made of stainless steel, the coolant tank is insulated with polyurethane foam, the automatic control of the coolant temperature is made of high-quality and reliable electrical components. Condensing system by Panasonic or Neoclima.

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