Hot water tank

The hot water tank is made of food grade AISI-304 stainless steel with a high degree of polishing (to a mirror finish). The tank is equipped with automatic heating water. Heated water provide an easily replaceable electric heating elements. Electronic heating control with overheating protection system. The tank is thermally insulated with polyurethane foam and covered with an outer casing made of food grade stainless steel.

Hot water tank is equipped with:

  1. inspection hatch;
  2. stop valves;
  3. safety valve;
  4. rotation washing ball with connection to CIP-station;
  5. non-filling and overflow water sensors;
  6. automatic temperature control.

The tank is designed to receive hot water after cooling the wort and its further storage, while maintaining the set temperature, which should be used for the next brewing.


The lineup:

Parameter Code Pice
300 liters HWT-300 2700 €
500 liters HWT-500 2970 €
600 liters HWT-600 3250 €
800 liters HWT-800 3930 €
1000 liters HWT-1000 4120 €
1500 liters HWT-1500 5200 €
2000 liters HWT-2000 6100 €
3000 liters HWT-3000 7000 €
4000 liters HWT-4000 8750 €

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