CIP-station for tanks up to 600 liters and beer kegs

Units price: 3070 € articul: CIP60(2)К
width: 1700 mm
depth: 650 mm
height: 1000 mm
weight (empty): 90 kg
Alkaline capacity heating power3 kWt
Pump power2 pumps for 0,37 kWt
The volume of tanks for cleaning solutions60 l.
Material304 stainless steel
Power supply380 V

The unit is designed for cleaning brewery tanks up to 600 liters and have additional option - washing beer kegs in semi-manual mode with removing the keg valve (beer spear).

The unit ideally combines the ratio of functionality and cost for craft mini-breweries with working tanks (fermenters, kettles, tanks) with a useful volume of up to 600 liters and bottling up to 500 liters of finished beer per day.

In such a volume, washing from 10 to 16 kegs per day in semi-manual mode with removing the keg valve will not be difficult.

Washing of working tanks is carried out in the same way as with ordinary CIP stations.

The keg is washed with removing the keg valve, and installing the keg on the spray balls upside down.

CIP-station equipment:

  1. Water rinse tray
  2. Tray for washing with alkaline solution
  3. Tray for washing with acid solution
  4. Spray balls
  5. The control panel
  6. Water supply
  7. Water rinse tap
  8. Tap for washing with alkaline solution
  9. Alkaline solution level indicator
  10. Tap fop washing with acid solution
  11. Acid solution level indicator
  12. Alkaline and acid solutions pumps
  13. Discharge into the sewer

Preparing keg for washing:

  1. Unscrew the keg valve with a special wrench.
  2. Pull the beer spear out of the keg


Keg washing:

WT – Rinsing kegs with water;    AL – Alkaline wash spot;    AС – Acid wash spot.


Turn the keg upside down and put it on the one of splay balls, turn on the corresponding pump and open the corresponding tap for the supply of washing liquid. So rinse the keg for a few minutes.

Then move the keg to the next appropriate spray ball and repeat the procedure.

The generally accepted sequence of actions is as follows:

1(WT) – Rinsing kegs with water

2(AL) – Rinsing kegs with alkaline (use only chemical solutions acceptable in brewing!)

3(WT) – Rinsing kegs with water

4(AC) – Rinsing kegs with acid (use only chemical solutions acceptable in brewing!)

After rinsing the keg with acid, an hour later the keg is ready to fill with beer.

To prevent mixing of acid and alkaline solutions, unit is equipped with two independent pumps and separate piping lines.

The alkaline solution tank is equipped with a heating system with automatic temperature control.



Keg washing:
Keg washing

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