Buy mini brewery

Here you can buy equipment for micro or mini breweries at an affordable price directly from the manufacturer. We produce high reliability mini-breweries from quality materials.
The brewhouse of our breweries has a unique heating system that does not need a steam generator, which simplifies the opening and operation of its own brewery.
Our production is located in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). Our equipment has European certificates and is made from quality materials and components from European manufacturers.

We have been producing equipment for mini-breweries since 2011.

We have been producing mini-breweries since 2011. We produce high reliability mini-breweries from quality materials. Our designs are tested by time.

We planning your mini brewery in existing or new premises

We carry out preliminary planning of the mini brewery in the existing premises of the Customer, organize or assist in the design of the construction of the building from scratch.

We produce equipment of your mini-brewery

We produce high-quality mini-breweries equipment at affordable prices with individual equipment composition by an experienced, well-coordinated and friendly team.

We organize the delivery of your mini brewery

We select the appropriate option for transporting equipment to the customer, carry out packaging and loading. We prepare customs documents.

We carry out installation and commissioning of the brewery

We carry out work on the installation and commissioning of equipment "turnkey" or on a supervised installation. We carry out test brewing.

Our breweries in Europe and other countries of the world

Our breweries are already operating in Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Poland, Northern Cyprus, Nicaragua and the Philippines.